How much is it to book a kitchen?

Syzl lists kitchens to book by the hour. Kitchen Hosts choose the rates they charge based on things like:

  • equipment available for use
  • size of the kitchen
  • amenities available for use (ex.: parking, pop-up dining space)
  • location of the kitchen

In addition to the hourly rate, Syzl charges a 4% booking fee that is listed separately on your invoice. Taxes are charged in accordance with provincial laws and are also shown on your receipt. Please contact your business accountant with any questions about claiming business expenses, fees, and taxes.

Where to Find a Kitchen's Rates

  1. Go to the Syzl web app (works best on your phone's browser).

    Screenshot 2022-10-17 2.48.03 PM
  2. Search and click on a kitchen listing. The average rate (which includes rates that may have been increased or decreased by the Kitchen Host for special circumstances such as off-peak times) can be seen at the bottom left of the listing screen.

    Screenshot 2022-10-17 2.51.53 PM
  3. Click on the blue "Select time" button to pull up the kitchen's full availability calendar. You can find the specific rates for dates and times by selecting them from the calendar. (You can read more about booking kitchens here: Booking Time Slots)

    Screenshot 2022-10-17 2.54.49 PM

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