Booking Time Slots

Kitchen Hosts set availability for each of their kitchen sections. Food Makers can browse kitchen listings based on availability and send a request to the kitchen host for the time they need.

The minimum number of hours a Food Maker can book is three hours total, which represents two hours for Food Makers to prep/cook and one hour for cleaning.


Selecting Time Slots

  • From a kitchen listing page, click on the blue "Select Time" button on the bottom right of the window.
  • Confirm your profile is complete.
  • Scroll down to "Select your dates for a ___ booking" >> click on "Edit"

    Screenshot 2022-10-05 3.29.17 PM

  • Use the +/- buttons to select the time you will need >> click the top left arrow to return to the booking request screen.

    Screenshot 2022-10-05 3.30.47 PM

  • Select the date you want to book from the calendar >> set the time you wish to start.

    Screenshot 2022-10-05 3.34.37 PM

  • Click "Review and Book" to view the total cost and submit your request to the Kitchen Host.


Syzl automatically adds at least one hour to each booking for time to clean and return the space to its original state for the Kitchen Host. Two hours are added for time slots longer than seven hours. Ex: 7 hours to cook, 1 hour to clean. 8 hours to cook, 2 hours to clean.


Need more info?

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