Who can list their space on Syzl?

Syzl invites kitchen owners of all sizes to list their spaces and empower their local food maker communities

Single Location Owners: Owners of single commercial kitchens such as individual restaurants, culinary schools, or community centers can list their spaces on Syzl. This opportunity is ideal for those looking to turn their unused kitchen hours into a revenue stream by connecting with a diverse community of food makers in need of professional kitchen facilities. Create an account and set up a free listing here.

Multi-Location Operators: Entities that manage multiple commercial kitchen spaces, like hospitality groups or real estate companies with several properties, are encouraged to get in touch directly for tailored solutions. Please contact us at sales@syzl.io to discuss how we can best serve your portfolio and maximize the utilization across all your locations.

Listing on Syzl not only helps maximize the utility of your kitchens but also connects you to a vibrant network of culinary entrepreneurs, enhancing the local food ecosystem.