The Cost of Using Syzl - Food Makers

At Syzl, our mission is to provide affordable access to certified kitchens for Food Makers of all types, from professional chefs to new entrepreneurs and everyone in between!

Signing up and browsing our app is completely free! 💪 Here are the expenses you will incur when you find a kitchen you want to rent:

  • Hourly rates will vary by kitchen. Kitchen Hosts have the final say regarding what it costs to use their space. Kitchen Hosts are encouraged to set their rates to suit their individual business needs while considering what their kitchen offers to Food Makers regarding location, specialized equipment, availability, etc.
  • Sales tax will be calculated on the total and is visible on your receipt. We recommend contacting your accountant if you have questions about charging or paying sales tax for your business.
  • A Maker booking fee of 4% is also applicable to each booking. This fee is calculated on the amount before tax and is also visible on your receipt. Please get in touch with your business accountant to determine how your business might handle claiming this expense.

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