Syzl Safety Guide

Your safety is important. Whether you’re a kitchen host or food maker looking for kitchen space, use these tips to keep yourself, your data, and your property secure.


Learn about who you’ll be working with

Read reviews from other users.

Check that their account information has been verified or confirmed.

Message through your Syzl  inbox, which keeps your email address hidden for privacy and security

Pay attention to the listing details and report anything that looks suspicious.


Protect your finances

Complete all payments only using Syzl’s secure payments platform. We cannot guarantee the delivery of any payments made outside the platform. 

Keep financial information private and secure—this includes your social security or other tax ID number, date of birth, credit card and bank account information, and government-issued IDs.


Be careful what you share

Be cautious when sharing personal information, like your personal email address or home address. Use your Syzl messaging inbox to communicate as much as possible. 


Prepare for an emergency

Doing things that impair your judgment may put you at risk.

You might consider letting co-workers or friends know about where you will be working or that you will be having a food maker come into the space.

Lock any necessary equipment, cash boxes etc and use security cameras around important areas. 

Be aware of where fire extinguishers, wash stations and other safety equipment are located before you start cooking.

If you have an emergency, get to a safe place and dial 9-11.


Report any violations

Help keep our community safe by reporting any users who violate our Terms and Conditions. Examples include:

  • Hosts who ask you to send them money outside the official Syzl payments platform
  • Users who send harassing or offensive messages
  • Users who behave inappropriately online or while using a kitchen 
  • Fraudulent user profiles or listings
  • Users or spaces that otherwise create a safety risk