Communicating with your Host Prior to a Scheduled Booking

It is our hope that your bookings go off without any problems. To help with this, please use our messaging feature to clarify booking details with the Kitchen Host well before the booking start date and time. We suggest you ask about details like:

  • How you will access the space?
  • Who will be present when you are using the space?
  • What guidelines do they have around equipment use, if any.
  • Details regarding cleaning standards
  • Who will be the contact person while you are there?

If you have messaged your Host and more than 24 hours has gone by since you sent the message, please reach out to our team via any of our support channels and we'll be happy to help you get in touch with them.


Still have a question?

Shoot us a message in the chat below or send an email to our support team at We're a friendly bunch who is eager to help!