Can I see the address of a kitchen before I book?

As a short term booking platform, Syzl discourages disclosing addresses before a Food Maker has obtained a booking agreement with a Kitchen Host. The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Respect. In only disclosing a kitchen's address after a booking has been secured between Kitchen Host and Food Maker, we are working to ensure that Kitchen Hosts are able to focus on their immediate business by avoiding potential drop-in visits or requests to tour the space. (To read more, see this article.)
  2. Accessibility. Using our web app's map feature, you are easily able to determine a distinct location of the kitchen space.

Still need information about the location?

Tap on "Message" next to the Kitchen Host's picture within their kitchen listing with your question(s).


Additional support required?

Contact our team via email to -- we're always happy to help!